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Coming to campus? Visit this page for important information.

Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Coming to Campus? Here's what you need to do.

Prior to visiting the University of Windsor campus, students, employees, volunteers, contractors and visitors must complete a Self-Assessment Questionnaire, which includes providing proof of vaccination through an attestation confirmation code. This is required every day you attend campus.

Completing the questionnaire through The Safe Lancer App is the easiest way to obtain the required green (approved) QR code that will be used to scan when entering campus buildings. The questionnaire can also be completed through a webform or fillable/printable document (PDF).

Safe Lancer App

Download the Safe Lancer app on the Google Play StoreDownload the Safe Lancer app on the Apple App Store

Download the Safe Lancer App from the Google Play (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS).

To ensure the Safe Lancer App is updated to the latest version, open the app and tap the University of Windsor Safe Lancer App banner. To manually update, select About/Preferences and then, Data Update. Finally, click the Check for Updates button.

Step 1: On app main page click the “COVID-19 Updates & Self-Assessment”  
Step 2: Click “Self-Assessment Tool” 
Step 3: Click “Start Self-Assessment”. Read the questions carefully and answer “Yes” or “No” and click “Continue”. You will also need your Vaccination Attestation Confirmation Code.
Step 4: Confirm answers and submit. 
Step 5: Scan your Approved (green) QR Code (badge) when entering campus buildings and designated spaces. RTC Student Ambassadors may ask to see your badge as part of the screening process.

Note that personal information is private and will not be shared. 

Self-Assessment Questionnaire Document

No mobile device? A Safe Lancer webform or fillable/printable document (PDF) is also available.

UPDATED - September 29, 2021

Alternatively, visitors to campus can attend the Education Gym (next to CAW Student Centre) to have their vaccination records validated in person. Visitors who do not have the technology to complete the vaccine attestation survey or those who do not wish to upload their vaccination records may proceed to the Education Gym, Monday to Friday (walk-in, 8 a.m. - 11 a.m., and by appointment from 1 p.m. to 4.m. by calling ext. 4549 or 4548) to have their proof of ID and vaccination records validated.  Health & Safety staff will review their records and provide them with a UWindsor Vaccination Attestation Card. This card can be presented to any student ambassador in place of the proof of vaccination code to be granted access into the buildings. Once the card is obtained, it can be used for subsequent visits however the paper copy of the screening questions will need to be completed every visit. PLEASE NOTE: If attending an event as a spectator (i.e. Lancers sporting events), you will be required to show proof of vaccination at the gate, as well as government-issued photo ID, per provincial requirements in addition to the Safe Lancer screening questions.

Approved or Denied? 

Your Self-Assessment will provide either an Approved or Denied result

Approved = PROCEED to campus DENIED = DO NOT PROCEED to campus
You may proceed to campus You should stay home and self-isolate and complete the Ontario COVID-19 self-assessment and follow the directions provided.


All Staff/Faculty will be subject to screening spot checks across campus by assigned Health Screeners.

Your supervisor/department will receive notification through UWin Check-In (Safe Lancer QR Code Dashboard for Supervisors) that you have demonstrated your "Approved" Green badge when attending campus "Denied" Red badges/results are sent to your supervisor or department. You must also report (forward to your supervisor) this red badge result and any illness or absence as per the University's reporting protocols.


All students will be subject to screening spot checks across campus by assigned RTC Student Ambassadors. Your professor or other authorized university personnel may choose to request to see your completed daily self-assessment prior to admitting you to the classroom or other spaces on campus. All students are asked to report any illness requiring an academic accommodation through UWinSite. During the COVID-19 Academic Emergency period, you will not need to submit a medical note to indicate illness of any kind. If you are participating in off-campus or workplace settings, you will be guided by faculty or workplace requirements regarding screening/illness reporting. *Exception for JD and Dual JD programs students, who should follow the Faculty of Law protocols.